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We believe that who we are is as important as what we do. When you choose to work for ELMC, you become part of a team that cares for each other, fosters a culture of teamwork, and focuses on providing exceptional service to the local homebuyer or seller. With EverLEND Mortgage, you have unlimited room to grow, but also space to enjoy your life.

“Balance isn’t something you find.
It’s something you create.”

-Jana Kingsford


We are a team of unique individuals that give our best efforts to over-deliver for our clients and maintain a fun, rewarding work environment. We are raising the bar. Talent gets you clients, but teamwork gets you to the closing table. Partner with a team that takes an active lead in growing your business with you.


We move like a small company, but we’ve got the support of a big one: Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC). That allows us to flex our creativity and get experimental, but also assures that we aren’t going anywhere. It’s the best of both worlds.


Customer satisfaction is key to a higher level of success. We make the mortgage process simple and accessible. At ELMC, your clients can expect:

  • One-on-one loan application assistance to personally guide clients through the process
  • Loan options to fit clients’ specific financial situations
  • Automated milestone updates and regular communication to clients and agents
  • No surprises at closing time
  • Customer satisfaction surveys to improve our service.


In an industry were hundreds of agents chase after the same business, we give our partners an edge on the competition by equipping them with superior tools. Our resources help create a lasting impression on your clients. Marketing services and tools include:

Marketing services and tools include:

  • Print materials and websites
  • Custom graphic design
  • Real-time news alerts for the real estate industry
  • Photography & video production (where available)
  • Online marketing library with co-branding options


Balance isn’t something you find. It’s something you create. People usually work to live, not the other way around. We believe your job should never compromise your quality of life. We’ll do the best for you, so you can do the best for us.


The world has changed since the days of time cards and factory whistles. Thanks to modern conveniences like the internet and smart phones we’re no longer tethered to our work desks. At EverLEND Mortgage we trust you to do your work, even if sometimes that involves a backyard and fuzzy slippers.


We give you confidence and speed. If you’re tired of missed deadlines, glitches, and excuses, we
have the systems in place to get to closing on time. Our in-house underwriting and processing ensures a fast and reliable loan experience. We are a lender who knows where they are going “What I gain from being a part of EverLEND Mortgage and how to get there.

Loan Products

We offer a full spectrum of loan products. Our loans are not “one size fits all.” We offer a wide range of over 200 loan products to fit your clients’ specific needs. Serving them with the best-suited loan builds confidence in you as a Loan Officer. More products not only serve your client better, they also serve a broader range of clients.

Giving Back

We believe in uplifting our community. EverLEND Mortgage Company is grateful for the business we receive, and we are dedicated to giving back. We are comprised of locals that deeply care for their community. That’s why we donate time and funds toward worthy charities. As our company evolves, you’ll read about how we contribute to making our neighborhoods better by being caring corporate citizens.

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